Patient general information A-Z

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A Addiction

West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service aims to provide easily accessible, confidential and non-discriminatory services to reduce substance misuse related harm to individuals, families and the community of West Lothian.

B Blue Badge Applications

If you’re disabled or have a health condition that affects your mobility, you can apply for a Blue Badge. 

Breast Screening

In Scotland, only women between the ages of 50 and 70 are offered breast screening every 3 years.

Bowel Screening

Bowel screening is offered to people aged 50 to 74 across Scotland to help find bowel cancer early, when it can often be cured.

C Cancer Support

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer, we’re here to help. Find out how we support you and get information about different cancer types.

Carers of West Lothian

Information, advice and support for all unpaid carers and people with disabilities.

D Dental

For teeth, mouth and gums.


The SMART Centre provides a wide range of rehabilitation technology services for the South East of Scotland, covering Lothian, Fife and the Borders. These include mobility and postural services (wheelchairs and special seating), prosthetics, orthotics, environmental controls, blue badge independent mobility assessment (Edinburgh only), custom design service, a disabled living centre and gait analysis service. We also provide a national driving assessment service.

E Eyes



H HGV Medical

Hospital Contact Information





M  Mental Health

West Space
Neils Hugs
Wellbeing Lothian


Minor Injury Assessment – if you have a minor injury please call 0300 790 6267 (0800-2100) for a confidential assessment by video call with a qualified Nurse Practioner.  See more information regarding the service in the link above

Muscles, Bones and Joints

Useful self-help guides for some common neck and back problems

NHS Inform

     NHS 24


Pharmacy First 

Is a NHS Service designed to encourage everyone to visit their community pharmacy as the first port of call for all minor illnesses and specific clinical conditions


Self refer for Podiatry by completing the form above


Details on how to book an appointment with a Midwife

Termination of pregnancy

Travel Clinic



Sexual Health

Lothian Sexual and Reproductive Health Service provides a range of services at the Chalmers Centre in Edinburgh (see map below) and at local clinics across the Lothian area.

Smile Counselling Service

Offer a range of counselling services for 11-24 year olds in West Lothian. These services includes face-to-face counselling sessions, one-to-one phone calls, emails and online chat.

Travel – Accessible travel

Hosted by Disability Scotland – information and guidance on accessible travel in Scotland.


V Vaccination Information

W  Wellbeing Hub

01506 524408 (Age 18-64) The West Lothian Community Wellbeing Hubs are an NHS service for people with common mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low confidence and stress.

X X-Ray booking Information